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CHRS Resources

Real-time Monitoring Tools

J-Track - Earth Observation Satellites : Track the location of several NASA Satellites
Dartmouth (Colorado) Flood Observatory : Continuously updated information on major floods around the world
Drought Monitor : Drought conditions in the US
Satellite Precipitation (PERSIANN-CCS) US High resolution precip for US from CHRS
Satellite Precipitation (PERSIANN-CCS) global High resolution precip for global from CHRS
Realtime Streamflow : USGS-Site for the US
Radar Reflectivity : NWS Site, click on state and then location to see Radar Data
NWS Portal : Access forecasts, warning, radar data and much more
Seasonal Climate Forecasts (IRI) : Precipitation and temperature forecasts

IPWG PERSIANN Validation Links
Australia: Hosted by the Bureau of Meteorology, Australia
IPWG U.S. Validation Page
IPWG Japan Validation Page

Educational Tools
Introduction to ArcView : An introductory tutorial to ESRI's ArcView software
Remote Sensing Primer
Digital Library for Earth System Education (DLESE) : Earth Science Resources for educators and students
Kartchner Caverns Hydrology : A SAHRA interactive demonstration

NOAA Sites
Colorado Basin River Forecast Center (CBRFC)
California-Nevada River Forecast Center (CNRFC)
Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Services (AHPS)

NASA Sites:
NASA-Earth Observing System
Tropical Rain Measuring Mission (TRMM)
TERRA Satellite
AQUA Satellite
MODIS Land Products
MODIS Atmospheric Products
MODIS-SST Products
MODIS-Albedo Products
MODIS-Land Surface Temperature
MODIS Snow and Ice Mapping Project at Goddard
AIRS-AQUA Home page
AMSR-E Home Page
EOS-Data Gateway

Mesoscale Models and Data
National Center for Environmental Predictions (NCEP)
MM5 Model
NCEP global model output
NCEP-Reanalysis Atlas at the Climate Diagnostic Center (CDC) (Create your own plots and visualizations)
NCEP Eta Model Forecasts
Visualization of Ensemble Weather Forecasts (CDC)
NCEP Ensemble Products Page

Hydrologic Models
USACE-HEC Modeling Suite
Kinematic wave and Erosion model KINEROS
Variable Infiltration Capacity Model
HBV Hydrologic Model - Education Version
EPA-BASINS : Water quality model with GIS interface

Snow Information
National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC)
MODIS Snow and Ice Mapping Project at Goddard
Snow analysis from NOHRSC

AMS Glossary of Meteorology

USGS Glossary of Water Science

Other Satellite Data Sites
NASA Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM)
Global Precipitation Climatology Project (GPCP)
Global Precipitation Climatology Centre (GPCC)
International Precipitation Working Group (IPWG)
NOAA's Comprehensive Large Array Stewardship System (CLASS)
National Center for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) (temporary page)
NCEP-NOAA Global IR data
NOAA office of Satellite Operations
Geostationary Satellites
Polar Orbiting Satellites
Goddard Space Flight Center DAAC